"Ryan Sallans is a gifted writer, speaker, and educator. I highly recommend him to any institution seeking to better understand transgender people and issues.” -Lisa Mottet, Transgender Civil Rights Project Director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Since 1999, Ryan Sallans has been educating diverse audiences on topics related to sexuality, eating disorders, and holistic health. He provides training's for professionals serving the LGBTQ community, or seeking to provide inclusive environments; and works with organizations in developing healthcare modules used to train clinicians and other medical staff on LGBTQ healthcare services. Each program Ryan offers will be tailored to your organization, health center, elementary, middle or high school, college, or University.

Ryan is most requested at Universities and Colleges during events such as Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), LGBTQ History Month, National Day of Silence and Eating Disorders Awareness Week. (To see a list of places Ryan has visited please click here).

His most popular presentation is his story of transitioning from female to male titled, FtM: Scouting the Unknown. During this two-hour presentation Ryan takes the audience on a journey through his childhood and the struggles he had with his body before moving into his adult life where he explores college, romantic relationships, family and his physical and emotional journey related to his transition.

Ryan has given well-over 500 presentations and training's since 1999 and along with his natural, open and caring approach to speaking about his identity, he also has extensive knowledge and eleven years of experience in the sexuality and healthcare fields.

His memoir, Second Son: Transitioning Toward My Destiny, Love and Life has added an extra layer to the work he does and an additional educational tool for those seeking to learn more about the transition experience and life of someone who identifies as transgender.

Presentation, Training, and Consulting Topics:


Transgender Identity and Society Titles:

FTM: Scouting the Unknown – Ryan’s Transition Story

Gender Identity and Expression: Language, Labels and Individuals

Working with Transgender Clients

Transgender History and Influences

Transphobia: When Transvisibility Influences Perceptions



Eating Disorders and Body Image Titles:

Ryan's Recovery Story: A Journey to Life Through Art

Eating Disorders: Beyond the Numbers

Male Body Image and Influences

Sexuality and Body Image

Transgender Identities and Eating Disorders


Speaking at Sioux City Pride in Iowa

Professional Training and Consulting Topics:

Trans-Inclusion on College Campuses

Gender Identity & Expression

Workplace Transitions for Transgender Employees

Hormone Therapy: How to Implement Services at your Clinic

Social & Legal Implications Affecting the Transgender Community

LGB Health Care: Including risks, trends, and cultural competency surrounding the set up of clinics, forms and doctor/patient interactions



Sexual Orientation Titles:

Sexual Orientation and Social Justice

Working with LGBTQ Youth

Bullying and Language in the School System


To learn more about Ryan's presentations and to inquire about booking him to speak send an email to: inquiry@ryansallans.com and put "Speaking Inquiry" in the subject line.