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Ryan Sallans, MA is an inspirational LGBTQ speaker and author who specializes in inclusion, diversity, healthcare and building self confidence. For the past 20 years, Ryan has worked in the fields of eating disorders, recovery, and human sexuality. He is an internationally known gender expert, who specializes in building inclusive environments that include trauma-informed care for transgender students, patients, employees and clients. His growing body of texts and teachings in relation to eating disorder recovery, sexual orientation, gender and identity development assist corporations, healthcare institutions, federal agencies, universities, and communities.

Ryan’s approach to inclusion, diversity and healthcare is unique in that he uses the craft of storytelling guided by his academic degrees and experiences in cultural anthropology, English and educational psychology to assist audiences in understanding how to communicate and build better relationships with each other, while also learning a little more about themselves.

Since his own transition from female to male, which began in May of 2005 in Lincoln, Nebraska, Ryan’s story and work has reached people worldwide through his websites, books, articles, speaking engagements, and interviews including radio, podcasts, magazines, newspapers, and mainstream television – the documentary Gender Rebel, Larry King Live, Ricki: The New Ricki Lake Show, Trisha and Cheddar TV.

Ryan does not use an agent or speaker bureau agency for bookings. He prefers to build individual relationships with each client and customer that he serves.

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On March 19, 2020, Ryan gave his “business state-of-address” speech after COVID-19 shut his Spring speaking season down. The speech he wrote is titled “A Love Letter to the World: As Told By This American’s Life.”  Check out his speech by first reading his new blog – written after Day 15 of being self-contained and social distancing. 

Ryan Sallans Inspirational LGBTQ Speaker on Self Confidence

COVID-19 and Ryan's Business

In Times of Chaos, Creative People Thrive

Ryan’s work as an inspirational LGBTQ speaker on self confidence, has been put on hold until the present pandemic is under control and our new life together begins.

He is presently working on new books, programs, articles, videos and future podcasts. He is also available for webinars or live-streamed presentations.

Please feel free to reach out with any inquiries into his work and future schedule.

A Little About Ryan's Life and Transition

Clip from Gender Rebel documentary (2006)

Ryan (still going by Kim when this was filmed) the day before he began taking steps in his physical transition from female to male.

Families in Transition: Brothers by MEL Magazine (2015)

Ryan Sallans (in blue Tshirt) with his brother Greg

In this clip, Ryan addresses an audience of 1200 federal employees where he speaks to why we need inclusive environments for LGBTQ employees, and what he feels prevents policies from moving forward. This keynote was part of the opening plenary for the 32nd Annual Federal Dispute Resolution Training that took place on August 8th, 2017 in San Francisco, CA.

Cheddar TV Interview, February 19, 2020.

Ryan speaks to supportive parenting for transgender and LGBTQ youth.

Born in 1979, Ryan grew up in a small town called Aurora in central Nebraska. From a very young age he was presented with challenges in life and lost many people to death, including two close childhood friends in first and fifth grade. He also grew up in a well-meaning, but abusive household. However, the challenge that presented the most confusion for him was his growing realization that his body in the form of the female sex was not his gender. Yet, in the 80’s, there wasn’t wide-spread information or research like we have today surrounding what it means to be transgender, and how the medical and mental health field can help guide people like Ryan in a physical and emotional transition to self. So he didn’t understand the confusion he was feeling, and why with each year that passed, he was more and more uncomfortable in his body, childhood home and life

After graduating from high school with high honors, Ryan went on to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he spent eight years gaining all the knowledge he could possibly pack into his brain and memory. He graduated Sigma Tau Delta in 2001 with a bachelor of arts degree in cultural anthropology and English, in 2004 with a masters of arts degree in English where he specialized in creative writing, and in 2005 with a masters of arts degree in educational psychology with a speciality in human health behaviors. While in college, Ryan worked as an outdoor adventure leader and instructor of a backpacking 101 course, he was also the student coordinator/script writer for the peer educator group SHINE (Students Helping Individuals Nurture Esteem), and worked three years as the graduate assistant for the University Health Center’s Department of Health Education. For most of his college years, Ryan struggled severely with the eating disorder, anorexia nervosa. His fight to live and figure out who he was, kept him going with an even deeper desire to learn everything he could about himself, his relationships, and life.

Ryan’s professional career began along with his transition in 2005 as a health educator for Planned Parenthood. His job was created specifically for his qualifications and knowledge in human sexuality (specifically LGBTQ identities) eating disorders, and body image. While working for Planned Parenthood, Ryan became a tireless advocate for including transgender healthcare as part of the organization’s reproductive and sexual health services. He fine-tuned his knowledge in healthcare education around this topic, which in 2011 launched him into a career as a self-employed speaker and author who is now a well-known name in the fields of inclusion, diversity and healthcare within the lens of gender. Ryan uses his storytelling, his transition from female to male, and his professional knowledge to assist in breaking down the barriers that gender presents us all.

Along with traveling around the world as a speaker, Ryan is also an author of books, articles, and e-learning courses that train healthcare professionals around the nation. His most recent personal narrative was published in the February 2020 special issue of the American Medical Association’s Journal of Ethics. His books Second Son: Transitioning Toward My Destiny, Love, and Life (2013, Scout Publishing) and Transforming Manhood: A trans man’s quest to build bridges and knock down walls (2019, Scout Publishing) are described as “must reads, that once you pick them up, you don’t want to put them back down.” He is currently working on his third book, which explores life beyond a transitional journey, by entering into Ryan’s soul-searching journey to finding self in modern-day America.

On January 8, 2020, Ryan saw himself, his accomplishments and his life in the mirror for the first time. He continues to work as an inspirational LGBTQ speaker in the field of human sexuality with a specialized focus on sexual orientation, gender and eating disorders, while also expanding his programming and content so that he can help individuals and professionals in understanding recovery from abuse, trauma and fractured relationships through building self-confidence.

Where Ryan's Speaking Has Taken Him
Ryan Sallans speaking in November 2019 to an audience of 600.

Corporations and Conferences

Inspirational LGBTQ Speaker on self confidence for corporate entertainment, staff development, or custom keynotes. Ryan can help create positive change and stronger relationships.

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Lessons from a Transgender Patient

Health Care

Ryan has extensive knowledge and experience assisting health serving agencies and people in providing compassionate, trauma-informed care for LGBTQ patients and beyond.

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Ryan Sallans Inspirational LGBTQ Speaker and Author on Self Confidence

Colleges and Universities

Working to build inclusive environments for transgender students and employees and raise awareness surrounding eating disorders and self confidence on over 100 campus events around the nation. Ryan has engaged and inspired both professionals and students through his storytelling.

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Transforming Manhood Ryan Sallans


If you like to read about life, relationships, and development of self confidence, Ryan loves to write about what he’s learned.

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