Ryan Sallans Inspirational LGBTQ Speaker and Author on Self Confidence

Transgender Healthcare Speaker

Ryan Sallans is a notably known and respected author and speaker within the healthcare field. With a master’s degree in human health behavior and educational psychology, Ryan uses his education, 17+ years of professional training and real-life experiences to provide education and training surrounding LGBTQ identities and also eating disorders to health care institutions around the nation.

Although there are parallels to treating heterosexual and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) patients, there is an increasing amount of data supporting the fact that LGBTQ patients face higher levels of health disparities and psychological distress. LGBTQ patients may also face significant challenges when accessing healthcare services, including prevention and screenings, due to the lack of cultural competence within healthcare settings. With over seventeen years of experience in healthcare and LGBTQ identities, Ryan is on the forefront of training programs and materials.

Presentation Titles

  • Caring for Transgender, GNC and LGB Patients
  • Creating an Affirming Healthcare Environment for LGBTQ Patients
  • Gender Identity, Sexuality and Eating Disorders
  • Hormone Therapy for Transgender Patients
  • Lessons from a Transgender Patient
  • LGBTQ Youth and Healthcare Disparities
  • LGBTQ Adults and Healthcare Disparities
  • Improving Trans Inclusivity in Health Centers.
  • Serving Transgender Clients and Patients
  • Social and Medical Transition Options for Transgender Youth
  • Transgender Healthcare: Eliminating Inequalities.

All topics can be tailored to your organization’s needs and be made specific to medical or mental healthcare. 

    “As BCBSM expands their health care coverage in 2017 to include gender-transitions services the information shared by Ryan was relevant and timely. Ryan’s openness, breadth of information, and presentation style made the 90 minutes go by too quickly. I highly recommend Ryan.” 

    Kim Zaugg – Chair, Equally Blue (BCBSM)


    Raising Awareness and Providing Education through Social Media

    Ryan utilizes YouTube and other social media formats to assist individuals advocate for their health, and provide support to clinicians seeking to expand their knowledge in transgender healthcare. Topics include: how to do self injections, hair loss prevention, vocal changes, torso changes and lower surgery. Below are video series that he has completed with Dr. Jean Amoura at Nebraska Medicine.

    Lessons from a Transgender Patient

    Ryan has written or co-authored several journal articles focused on unique considerations when serving transgender patients.

    Six Tips for Giving Good Health Care to Anyone with a Cervix, American Medical Association, Journal of Ethics. February, 2020. BRAND NEW!

    Ethics Talk: Providing Compassionate Care for Transmen, American Medical Association, Journal of Ethics. February, 2020. PODCAST INTERVIEW

    Lessons from a Transgender Patient for Healthcare Professionals, American Medical Association, Journal of Ethics. November, 2016.

    Transgender Health – Eliminating Inequalities and Strengthening Clinician-Patient Relationships, Journal of Ethics in Mental Health (Peer-Reviewed). June, 2015.

    Blogs shared nationally include: 

    Finding a Trans-Knowledgeable Therapist

    Preparing for your Hormone Therapy Consultation

    Providing Education through E-Learning

    Since 2008, Ryan has served as a consultant and writer for organizations seeking to develop e-learning courses and staff development training regarding diversity, inclusion and specific protocol for serving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) patients. To date, these courses have issued over 1140 credit hours for medical professionals.

    His Lead SME course titles include:

    • Fostering Diversity in the Workplace
    • Cultural Inclusiveness in the Workplace
    • An Introduction to Your LGBTQ Patient
    • An Introduction to LGBTQ Healthcare for Clinicians
    • Lesbian and Bisexual Women Health & Health Concerns for Clinicians
    • Gay and Bisexual Men Health and Health Concerns for Clinicians
    • Working with LGBTQ Youth
    • Transgender Health and Health Concerns: Working with Transgender Adults
    • Medical Care for Trans Women
    • Medical Care for Trans Men
    • Transyouth Health and Health Concerns for Clinicians
    • Intersex and Patients with DSD
    • Facilitator Guide: Working with Transgender Youth Families
    • Facilitator Guide: Enhancing Cultural Inclusiveness in the Workplace
    • Content Reviewer: Communicating With Adolescents – Providing a Client-Centric Experience

    Some Past/Current Clients Include:

    • Affiliate Risks Management Services, Inc.
    • American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) Nebraska Chapter
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
    • Bridges
    • Bryan Independence Center
    • California Pacific Medical Center, Sutter Bay Hospitals
    • CenterPointe
    • Charles Drew Health Center
    • Child Guidance Center
    • Community Alliance
    • Des Moines University
    • Eating Recovery Center
    • Elevations RTC
    • Express Scripts
    • Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin
    • Heartland Family Services
    • International Institute for Trauma and Addiction (IITAP)
    • MEDPoint Management
    • National Eating Disorders Association
    • Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition
    • Nebraska School Nurses Association
    • Planned Parenthood Federation of America
    • Planned Parenthood of the Heartland
    • Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains
    • Planned Parenthood of Nassau County
    • Physicians Insurance
    • Quest Diagnostic
    • Resurgens Orthopaedics
    • Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital
    • Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
    • Southwest School Nurses Conference
    • University of Arkansas Pat Walker Health Center
    • University of Nebraska Medical Center
    • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
    • Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy